Immigration Evaluations​

Immigration Evaluations​

-We offer HIPAA compliant video evaluations for anyone located in the states of California and Oregon. -Our clinicians are bilingual (English/Spanish)

-We work directly with translators in Mam and Punjabi.

There are many reasons why a psychological evaluation can help strengthen your immigration case, and is sometimes necessary. If your lawyer recommends that you get a psychological evaluation report, you are in the right place.

we specialize in evaluations for different types of immigration proceedings, such as

*Trauma Evaluations (U Visa, T Visa, Asylum, VAWA petitions)

*Hardship Evaluations (I-601 & I-601a Waivers, Cancellation of Removal)

We work collaboratively with immigration attorneys to best serve the client’s needs.

What to expect?

The immigration evaluation assessment consists of a one-on-one interview followed by a series of psychological tools to assess your current symptoms. The results of the assessments are then evaluated, interpreted, and integrated into narratives extracted from the interviews. A report is then generated and sent confidentially to the attorney in charge of your case within two weeks of the evaluation date.